Personal Training

Personal training is about much more than having someone standing over you and watching you in the gym. It is about motivating you to perform to the best of your ability whilst completing the evidence based programmes your trainer prescribes. Here at CB Conditioning we pride ourselves on the fact that everything we do can be backed up with evidence as to why it works. Personal training Manchester at CB Conditioning isn’t, however, confined to the studio. All the information and guidance is given to ensure that once you have finished your session you possess all the tools to make the lifestyle changes essential to achieving your results. For personal training Manchester look no further than CB Conditioning.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an essential tool to keep the body working at its best. Whilst training it is inevitable that at times you will become sore, or may pick up little ‘niggles’. This is where sports massage comes into its own. Our qualified practitioners will ensure that muscle balance is restored and muscular tension is released.

Sports Science

Sports science is utilised more and more when preparing athletes. It involves physiological testing, psychological screening, nutritional assessment and biomechanical screening to name but a few elements of the science.  If you are an aspiring athlete or a team looking to maximise its performance the services offered by CB Conditioning can help you to achieve your goals.

Buddy Training

If you and a friend or loved one are interested in personal training why not enquire about Buddy Training at CB Conditioning. This involves the exact same process as personal training – however the cost is split between two. If you have similar goals or would prefer the backup of having a friend with you then Buddy Training is definitely for you.


The correct nutrition is essential to anyone who has any health and fitness goals. Whether the goals are weight-focussed or performance-based, without the correct nutrition they will be far more difficult to achieve. At CB Conditioning we provide a thorough and detailed dietary analysis followed by diet prescription, monitoring and advice.

Corporate Packages

If you are running a business then you will be well aware of the financial toll an unhealthy workforce can have. Studies have shown that increased fitness levels raise not only productivity but massively reduce the number of ‘sick days’ taken. Why not combat this by enquiring about the corporate personal training Manchester offered by CB Conditioning. This can involve group classes at your office, corporate discounts on personal training, nutritional assessments and much much more.